Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace & Lake Powell

Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas wants to preserve the beauty of the park and lake for generations to come. In order to help us achieve that, we have partnered with Leave No Trace to better educate our guests on how they can minimize their footprint at the park. Please take a moment to learn how you can leave No trace! Click here to learn more about Leave No Trace.

Clean your Boat

When participating in activities on water that include any sort of a watercraft, it is possible to unknowingly transport aquatic invasive species. To learn more check this out, and remember to always clean, drain and dry your boat.

Track your Trash

While on a boat, it’s easier to lose track of loose clothing or that snack wrapper that wasn’t properly zipped away in a bag. Pay special attention to all of your belongings so that they don’t get blown into the lake and become accidental trash.

Don't Make a Mark

Please enjoy the incredible surroundings at Lake Powell without leaving your mark. Sandstone graffiti affects the ecosystem found at the lake and is also disrupting to other visitors.

Respect your Surroundings

Lake Powell has many culturally significant sites that are sacred to different cultures in the area. Damaging, vandalizing or taking artifacts while at Lake Powell means that these communities lose a piece of their identity and cultural heritage. If you happen to find something cool, snap a picture instead.

Think Before you Snap

With many Instagram-worthy spots at Lake Powell, be sure to check out the Leave No Trace Social Media Guidelines before sharing your adventures.